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FIRST - My goal is to put broaden peoples minds while simulating their senses! Not only will you find countless hours of my categorized pictures and video but you will also find a depth of swinger and hotwife content found nowhere else on the web. Weather you are interested in the research regarding swingers, have questions about this lifestyle or are struggling to balance your religious upbringing with your sexual desires, you will find the information here at

Second - I love my sexuality! One of the true passions in my life is SEX! I crave it. The erotic sounds, the sensual smells, the pleasurable touch... Sex for me is a wonderful journey through emotional and sensory overload. I view my sexuality as a gift. A gift is meant to be enjoyed, cherished and shared with friends! I mean seriously, in today's hectic world, we could all use some more of this. I enjoy exhibitionism and voyeurism. Believe it or not, with as busy as I am, I still find time to do something that really gets me off..I dance at clubs across the country! Not for the money, not for the attention, simply for fun!

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